Monday, March 20, 2006

Glowing nowhere

I've been doing a lot of paddling (both outrigger and dragon boat) lately and have the blisters on my hands to prove it. Paddling at night is the most ethereal experience. On Thursday we took two six person outrigger canoes (OC6s) out on the water at Stanley. A huge bruised moon hovered very low in the sky, strangely and dimly orange, and "mist" (AKA pollution) hung heavy in the air, broken by the occasional lights and sound of planes coming over Hong Kong island to land at the airport beyond.

The strangest thing about paddling at night, apart from the almost unnatural quiet once you're a certain distance away from land, is the fluorescent green algae in the water which is brought to life by the passing of our paddles. I was at stroke, right at the front of the boat, and the glowing water sloughed away in front of me as though we were paddling through molten lava.


Paddle Fan said...

On the ferry home, I stood at the back in the cargo area to look for the same bioluminescence... and there it was. It looked like lightening under the huge rollers produced by the ferry. I looked like a moron, smirking at the otherwise black ocean on a deisal-choked deck.

I like "bruised moon".

Paddle Fan said...

I can't spell "diesal" but for some reason can handle bioluminescence. riddle me that.

Anonymous said...

diesel? :)