Sunday, March 18, 2007

Differently Alber

There's something about Alber Elbaz'z designs for Lanvin that I find absolutely beautiful: and I'm drawn to the Lanvin racks in Lane Crawford to run my hands over the silk and admire the precise cut, economy of style, and perfect use of texture and colour (different shades of black have never melded so well).
Despite the ill-advised black fright-wigs the poor models were given to wear at his recent A/W ready to wear shows in Paris (was this a fashion anti-statement or a simple mistake?), the shoes are astonishing (viz. the wobbly red heel in the second picture) and the dresses are inviolable.
Pink Crocs anyone? (The previous post was nearly titled Croc of Shit, but I thought better of it.)


Claire said...

Hmmm, I'm not convinced. Perhaps I need to see them in the flesh, or even being worn by real people.

Shame you didn't use the Croc of Shit title!

QM said...

I LOVE them! Understated and chic with that edgy attitude that Alber does to well. The little man can do no wrong in my opinion.

LottieP said...

He is very little, as well - on VOGUE France's website (which is where these pictures came from, though I was too dozy to credit them) at the end of a long sequence of pictures of long, tall drinks of water (albeit with rats' nests on their heads) sashaying down the catwalk, there's a contrasting snap of short, tubby Alber on the same catwalk.

QM said...

I can't lie though, there is something vaguely unnerving about this wee odd looking man who creates these clothes for women that are often overtly sexual and sometimes even a bit fetishistic - it kinda creeps me a out a little!