Thursday, August 09, 2007

Colour me bad

Wandering around the shops in Richmond, where the new season's clothes have just arrived, I was struck by the fact that the two most ubiquitous colours were those of my least favourite foods: beetroot (more charitably described as puce, and euphemistically as burgundy) and tinned sweetcorn (mustard, or "chartreuse"). It's another injustice perpetrated on the unsuspecting. At least autumn ("fall") brings with it remotely wearable clothes, although legions of infantile smocks and balloon-shaped skirts are still in evidence; but the magazines (and you've got to believe them) are all saying that it's OK to wear a pencil skirt again.

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Claire said...

Hallelujah! I could write reams on the wonder that is the autumn collections, or, more realistically for me, what turns up on the high street shops in autumn. The forgiving colours. The shapes - even for an apple like me the pencil skirt is by far the most flattering skirt. The textures - glorious suede high heels in plum, deep red or dark green. And, most of all, the coverage of bingo wings and knobbly knees.