Monday, November 26, 2007

Stop making scents

From Cathay Pacific's inflight magazine, November 2007 (Hong Kong to Singapore):

Kelly Caleche (Hermes)
"The conniving encounter between the spirit of the Kelly Bag and the perfume. The unexpected caress of a leather floral scent".

Rarely, if ever, has the word "conniving" been so inappropriately employed. As for the unexpected caress of leather florals - I am beginning to feel quite nauseated. Unexpected? You bet! Get off me, you old git!


Grande Poobah said...
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Grande Poobah said...

true marketing BS - appalling. I think this is the same bag range that draws on inappropriate fetish wear as a device to flog (pun fully intended) more bags??

So - award yourself 10 reality check points immediately and save your cash x