Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm a marionette

It's all too easy to mock Victoria Beckham, and this photo from the Marc Jacobs ad campaign, to be seen on an uncomfortably large scale on a building near you, tells you all you need to know: Marc Jacobs (presumably) thinks he's being ironic engaging VB for this ad campaign, and VB thinks she's being ironic doing it (apparently she "trusts Marc's vision", so happily at least one person does), and Juergen Teller is... being paid to take photographs, and so on and so on, fashion eats itself ad nauseam... The clear sighted view, however, is simply that these adverts are a joke. Not ironic: just a joke.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. But hang on, are those the clothes we're supposed to want to buy now?


Mummy said...

I want the doll in the ad.

I used to pull the heads of Barbie dolls by the way

A Taste Of Blighty said...

"It's all too easy to mock Victoria Beckham"

Not only easy, but fun too!