Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Forbidden collars

After all this talk about fabulous dresses, here's the antithesis: in the window of Jil Sander, on the corner of Queen's Road Central and Lan Kwai Fong, a garment non pareil, which can surely only be described as a salmon pink house coat.


Anonymous said...

Don't know much about ladies' fashion but, to my untutored eye, it appears to be a shapeless pink sack. In fact, it would seem to be the sort of garment to reduce a woman of any shape to a pink blob.

Mummy said...

Colour = Strawberry angel delight of the early 1980s.

Grande Poobah said...


and i bet it's not cheap either

if you're going to drop a lot of money on a dress then at least make it one with some va va vooom eh??

LottieP said...

Agreed. On page one, line one of the Beginners' Guide to Window Dressing, it says: 1. The purpose of displaying your wares in the window is to make people want to go inside.


In case you can't tell, the item in question is also made of what looks suspiciously like parachute material but may, of course, be silk woven by Catalonian antiquarians.

I can't wait to see one of our Cantopop heroines in it... A belated bit of modesty for Gillian Chung, perhaps.