Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In pastures green he leadeth me

A welcome (for me) relapse into the trivial: I love Alexander McQueen shoes (as much as I currently like green, green anything), though I don't own any (I balk at paying US$1,000 for a pair of shoes I'll wreck in days on Hong Kong pavements, which are peppered with holes and have soft crevices between the cracks just made for heels to sink into). I do, on the other hand, own a pair of Marni shoes; but surely these are just wellies with heels?

Both from Browns, as is this: Roland Mouret dress with a detail far more slyly appealing than any number of cliched red-soled Louboutins (although Browns' model is wearing a pair: they went for the obvious match there).


Claire said...

What's the purpose of the skin-tone strap across the toes of the McQueens?

LottieP said...

Purpose? You need a purpose?

It does look unnervingly like a bandage, but I'm pretty sure it's leather. And I don't think they'd stay on without it.

I should add, in case anyone is hissing disapprovingly, that it's not just the fact I'd wreck them that would stop me buying a pair of shoes that cost US$1,000.