Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hard core

Apple Martini
2 oz. vodka
1½ oz. Bols sour apple liqueur
½ oz. Lemon juice
Apple slice for garnish

Shake well with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a slice of apple, serve, and drink in huge quantities.

Freshly served apple martini at the CitySpace bar, 70th floor, Swissotel the Stamford, Singapore, January 21, 2009.


Grande Poobah said...


Deke Writin said...

Serve with the knowledge that calling something a martini does not make it a martini. Standards as lax as these open the door to prettified girl drinks and the very real possibility of the rhino being termed a pocket elephant.

LottieP said...

They call it a martini, Deke, and who am I to argue when it tastes as good as it does? You can't turn back the tide of Progress.

Mancsoulsister said...

now that does sound nice - yum!

LottieP said...

Owing to complaints by a Fanatical Purist, I wish to report that the original recipe posted here, which contained equal parts apple juice, schnapps and vodka, has been subsituted for a recipe that will hurt your head a whole lot harder.

Mummy said...

Ever since I mistakenly gatecrashed a corporate party at that hotel on my first trip to Singapore, got hideously drunk, and made fun of the tech geeks there, I have loved that bar.

One day we will be there at the same time.