Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm pretty keen on vodka and can make damn good lychee martinis; I love bacon, especially in a floury roll with razor-thin sliced tomato and tomato sauce. What I can't countenance, I'm afraid, is any attempt to combine the two. As the website states, confirming all my worst fears: "Yes. Bacon vodka." This is a regrettable development. What next? Bacon sweets? Er... Oh.


Claire said...

Seeing as crispy bacon and maple syrup is, IMO, a great combination, that's not that far-fetched. Could the brittle be made with maple syrup? However, as a vodka-hater - except when heavily disguised, i.e. neat vodka: yuck; Moscow mule: fairly acceptable - the idea of bacon vodka makes me want to vomit.

LottieP said...

I like the way that Eat Me Daily, always well worth a read, describe the bacon peanut brittle as "like being hit over the head with a bacon hammer".

Mummy said...

Apparently the average UK pub sticky toffee pudding has the same amount of salt in as two rashers of bacon.

LottieP said...

Claire - could a bacon maple lollipop be what you're after?

Mummy - that's a bit surprising and disgusting, but oh how I love sticky toffee pudding... In a similar vein, if you've ever had McDonald's Iced Coffee, don't read this.

Claire said...

"Oh, now you laid the smack down...."

Love it.

Bacon maple lollipop? [adopts Homer Simpson boggly-eyed look] Mmmmm.