Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A day to remember

Kirsten Owen 2000, by Corinne Day, 1962-2010


mancsoulsister said...

I'm never really sure what I think of that junkie chic thing!

LottieP said...

I know what you mean. This is quite a disturbing image. What struck me is what enormous feet she has. I think Corinne Day was quite good at juxtaposing glamour with squalor, young women of limited means pretending to be rich - her early photos of Kate Moss, whose background was hardly elitist, sum this up well. Now though, when all the models seem to be double-barrelled posh girls slumming it between Cheltenham Ladies College and going up to Oxbridge, it's entirely fake.

mancsoulsister said...

I tend to agree. I remember when the now infamous photo shoot of Kate Moss came out in Vogue. At the time it was pretty ground breaking (and helped to make Moss's career) and caused a huge hoohaa! After that you couldn't move for photos of mega skinny hollow eyed would be druggies in filthy toilets wearing the most glamorous dresses. Fake and a bit alarming. Not Corrine Day's fault really!