Sunday, December 05, 2010

There goes the fear

At the foot of the wall in Pine Lane, and just to the right of the little red scooter, a peculiar little clay model has appeared. It's a TV remote control with "FEAR" written on it. It's discreetly tucked away in a place where it's hardly noticeable: another little secret. It's a pretty obvious statement about people being controlled by their own fear, but it also makes me think of people sitting mindlessly in front of their TVs - like the couple who live across the way, who have a beautiful roof terrace, but are never seen on it because they are sitting inside watching their garganto-TV instead.


elj said...

Wonderful observations, both in noticing the remote as well as the interpretation of its message.

There is so much to find on the Inner City streets, once you start to look.

elj said...

Just thinking it might be the missing remote for the VCR/DVD/TV at the Stencil Wall in Enmore.

LottieP said...

You might be right! It looks as though it's been there for some time. I imagine there's a giant concrete TV somewhere that no one can switch on.