Monday, August 13, 2012

Claire de lune

My sister Claire and I went to see the Éric Rohmer film Les nuits de la pleine lune ("Full Moon in Paris") in Edinburgh in 1984, when it came out. I was very impressed by the quirky glamour of Pascale Ogier, the star, and her skinny chic, left bank, all-in-black style. Pascale was 10 years older than me and was immediately elevated to the category of impossible beauties whose apparenty effortless life I'd have loved to emulate (see also Béatrice Dalle). Not long after the film was released, Pascale died at the age of 25 of a heart attack caused by a drug overdose. I heard about it at the time, but so successfully did I translate this into a more romantic cause of death (a brain hemorrhage, of course) that only when I was looking for information about her this year did I rediscover the grubby truth.

I'm not sure why she came to mind but when Claire recently visited us in Melbourne we discussed this film again. Sadly, I remember very little about the plot or anyone else in it. The main thing that springs to mind when I think of the film, and of poor Pascale, is that it has gifted me with the steadfast conviction that the French can't dance. In my defence, I present the following:


Anna MR said...

This dancing is indeed so very bad it has me thinking it might be intentionally so…? A style choice of sorts (remember, it was the 80s - the decade whose style was a world unto itself, really).


Ally G said...

My god, you're right. They all learn "Le Rock", which is kind of 1950s cha-cha, which becomes a sort of inter-generational bonding ritual (and quite fun by the looks of it), but it's not self-expression as we know it.

Ally G said...
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