Friday, September 02, 2005

Dropping the Baton

Bush has appeared completely dumbfounded by the scale of the damage caused by the hurricane in New Orleans - that characteristic blank, struggling-for-comprehension look came over his face when he was asked a not-all-that biting question by a TV journalist about the sluggishness of the response time to the disaster.

It's hard to take in the sheer epic scale of the catastrophe. The script for this movie would have been derided as too outlandish. And the complicity of the Bush administration in, amongst many other contributory factors, complacently sitting back while wetlands were overdeveloped and in denying scientific evidence of warming seas which contribute directly to the force of hurricanes, is nothing short of scandalous.

Bush is out of his depth - again. The image that comes to mind seems apposite.,7371,1561417,00.html


Royal said...

Who on the planet could possibly know how to respond to the greatest natural disaster America has ever experienced?

LottieP said...

Only the leader of the richest country on earth, perhaps?