Friday, May 12, 2006

Code read


I just had an odd, if prosaic, revelation. I've seen several trailers for the new The Da Vinci Code film and I wondered vaguely who the actor was, because he didn't look familiar (not that I was really paying attention, because I refuse to read the book or see the film). Glancing from the bus this morning on my way to work I saw a Chinese poster for the film with only one phrase in English: TOM HANKS, and it dawned on me who it was. What on earth has happened to him? I always thought he was one of those actors in the mould of Sean Connery, which can only be Sean Connery in any film. Has he shaved his sideburns off? What's going on? Is he remodelling himself as Richard E. Grant?

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MacDurk said...

I was just passing through your blog on a random curiousity search. I like your March 21 description of sailing, and that is a beautiful photo of the waves.

The photo of Tom Hanks looks not much like the actor I know. I enjoyed DaVinci Code, but my wife kept expecting his character to say "Life is like a bowl of chocolates..." (from Forrest Gump). Here is a link with his photo and bio.