Thursday, January 17, 2008

Saving face

In today’s (low) Standard: the shock front page headline “PORK PRICES SOAR 70PC” – and the frightening news for pork-lovers is that it may rise to above HK$46 per catty if the supply of live pigs to Hong Kong does not increase – and on page 3, news of a “gold thread facelift” which involves injecting gold under the skin of the face to form a web which, according to the charlatans offering the treatment, “boosts collagen secretion and increases skin elasticity”. The reality is that the “web” disintegrates and the gold presumably goes in to your bloodstream, as a 40 year old patient cited in the report discovered when she started to suffer constant severe pain in her face after three injections over a number of years.

Having read about the horrifying side effects, if you still want to have this done, the Standard helpfully adds that you can’t in Hong Kong, but your local cosmetic clinic will, with scant disregard for the ludicrousness, not to say mind-boggling recklessness and stupidity, of the treatment, arrange for you to receive it in South Korea.

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Grande Poobah said...

the world has indeed gone mad. with the walking wounded of cosmetic surgery as a very visible reminder of the danger of this sort of thing (the horrid mess that is Mickey Rourke is now playing in my mind - yuk) why do people still believe the hype? I can see a huge back lash in a few years' time, when those of us whose cosmetic procedures are (currently) limited to some hair dye and perhaps a bit of teeth whitening start to look much more natural than those dealing with the (as yet unknown) long term effects of cosmetic surgery. I mean really, injecting a toxin directly into your head?! On which planet does that sound like a good idea??