Monday, May 25, 2009

Rural dalek

I found this dalek lurking by the postbox at the bottom of a driveway in Lawson, a little town in the Blue Mountains north of Sydney. With his plunger on the right hand and egg whisk on the other, he seemed rather benign, but I didn't chance it by going any closer.


one billion daleks said...

aw ... how cute!

All The Best!

LottieP said...

Thank you, one billion daleks. My friend Michelle said "I love the fact that when you move away from soulless centres of commerce, you find people who will spend hours on a home-made dalek and then think it is appropriate to have it scare the wits out of the postman."

one billion daleks said...

Haha yes, that's true! ... imagine driving down a dark country road, and eek! - that dalek looms up in your headlights out of the gloom! ... ooo-er!

Anyway, while I'm here I'll just mention that I noticed the colour of your blog navigation bar (at the very top of the page) is the blogspot default of blue ... now call me a nitpicker ;), but did you know you can actually change this to better match your blog ...?

I know it's easy to miss (cos I did at first), but if you go into Layout and click on edit on the far right of the Navbar section you'll find (a rather pathetic) four colour options ... still, silver is one of them, which would co-ordinate rather well with your blog!

Of course, you may prefer good ol' bloggy blue - and fair enough too!

But I thought I'd mention it, because, y'know - I know how important colour co-ordination is to you females ;)

(*thinks* OK, that's my good deed for today :)

All The Best!

LottieP said...

No sooner said than done. Thanks for pointing it out. Silver would have been OK but I went for black (partly out of bloody-mindedness of course).

one billion daleks said...

Bugger! ... I realise now I should've proposed black, then you would've picked silver ;)

Still ... Good for You! ... for as stated in the dalek Introduction "The ability to think for yourself is an attribute that daleks prize above all else."

Oh by the way, I'll ask your permission to post your dalek photo in the dalek Arts & Crafts Fair, when I get round to doing another post there!

OK then!

LottieP said...

Permission granted. And silver was "pretty", but black is best.

one billion daleks said...

Thank Q!

Anonymous said...

hi doll it's brian for Raintown.. i've been more or less offline for months.. nothing custodial..just busy... could i have your permission to use the dalek photo.. and offer a link to your blog to my facebook friends.. ps my email address is brian dot
aden dot smith at can you send me your postal address as I much prefer to write letter rather than kidding hen xx