Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hat in the city

On recent visits to Sydney I've noticed a surprising number of people wearing hats. Proper hats: fedoras and panamas, cloches and gatsbys, and even what could possibly have been a homburg. My friend Davey has been photographing people in London wearing stovepipe hats. I am very fond of hats - certainly of the idea of them and, I suppose, of that romantic connection with the era when it was a social requirement to wear a hat.

Sadly, the reality of Hong Kong (not least the heat - August was the hottest on record and it's been at least 32 degrees every day) is that I am more likely to be seen wearing that most awful and unflattering form of headgear, the baseball cap, albeit only in direct connection with watersports and never, repeat never, at any other time. What I would really prefer, of course, is to be nonchalantly sporting an attractive fedora at all times, even in the canoe.

Attractive fedora from La Cerise Sur Le Chapeau at Net-a-Porter.


Claire said...

Proper hats. I entirely agree. Not a flat cap to be seen. And, of course, there's the renowned Edinburgh acting group, HATS :-)

mancsoulsister said...

My mum studied fashion and textiles a long long time ago and wanted to specialise in millinery. She was told not to because noone wore hats anymore...

Nice to see after 40 odd years that they may be making a comeback

LottieP said...

I'm pleased too, MSS. Even though I don't really suit hats.

Down with flat caps, Claire!