Thursday, September 03, 2009

Working wardrobe

Promenade in green: RM by Roland Mouret

Fade to grey: the deceitfully named Cheap'N' Chic by Moschino

Drapes of wrath: Diane von Furstenburg

Three very different dresses (all from Net-a-Porter) which could conceivably be worn to work. And all you need now is a great pair of shoes.
Come to heel: Rupert Sanderson from Browns Fashion

And finally a dress that could never be worn to work (but which would go nicely with the shoes; for people who like everything to match, of whom I'm not sure I'm one, that's the kind of match they like):

Hips, lips, power: William Tempest from Browns Fashion


nmj said...

Those shoes would break my neck but I love the Moschino dress. Divine.

LottieP said...

Hello, NMJ. If the shoes weren't going to break your neck they wouldn't be so beautiful.

Claire said... favourite heel shape. Sadly, though, even if I could walk in them I'd look even more like a lollipop on legs than I already do.

The DVF dress is a little dull, isn't it? Though I'm sure the fit is wonderful.

LottieP said...

A lollipop on legs? Come now!