Friday, February 12, 2010

McQueen is dead

Alexander McQueen (16 March 1969 – 11 February 2010). A designer of genius, and a man who once wrote "I am a c*nt" in the lining of a suit intended for Prince Charles. Both pictures, above, are from his last, deep sea monster-themed show at Paris Fashion Week in 2009.


greenwords said...

I've seen other news items and blog posts reporting this, but yours is the best. The tidbit about the suit is fantastic.

LottieP said...

Thank you, greenwords. Without wanting to sound po-faced, I actually vehemently dislike the use of that word as a term of abuse; but because I'm an anti-royalist, I understand the sentiment.

McQueen did accept a CBE from Prince Charles a few years later. (I wonder whether the reason Charles looks a bit uncomfortable there is because he knew about the suit? I like to think of him getting some flunky to tear open the lining of all his Savile Row suits ina futile attempt to find the offending remark). So although he described himself as an anarchist, I think he was a bit more conflicted than that.