Monday, March 30, 2009

A distorted reality

Sometimes I find that I like the idea of fashion so much more than the reality. Lanvin is a good example of this: the clothes are so touchable, the colours beautiful, satin and grosgrain in jewel colours and my favourite shade of slate grey. But they are particularly expensive and extravagant; dreams, destined to remain unworn, no doubt, and as these pictures from Paris Fashion Week show, wholly unsuited to anyone fatter than a stick (so many folds of material would look ridiculous covering curves; and satin is a very unforgiving fabric).

Looking through photos of the Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 season from the Paris shows on French Vogue (where these photos came from), there are definitely some regrettable things going on: dresses with only one sleeve, for no discernible reason; fur adorning everything, despoiling some otherwise perfect 1940s silhouettes; the aforementioned wayward folds of fabric (beautifully seamed and sewn, often, but peculiar nonetheless); and Alber Elbaz will make his models wear rats' nests in their hair. Once again, what silly Karl Lagerfeld termed "the new modesty" is nowhere in evidence.


Mummy said...

I often wonder whether fashion has simply run out of ideas. You can imagine a designer sitting there with an otherwise lovely, but plain dress, deciding that to make it more innovative they should take a sleeve off it - forgetting this makes it unwearable and impractical.

Lovely shoes though.

LottieP said...

Lovely clothes too. That particular shade of slate grey is so beautiful. And you have to admire the precision of the cut, the intelligent use of fabric and the elegance here of where the folds fall, while also recognising that it all looks better exactly where it is: up on the catwalk.

Claire said...

I like grey too, but i prefer it - and i think it looks better - juxtaposed with another colour, preferably something jewel-like. If I came into work (which is, after all, the only place I wear anything giving a vague nod towards fashion/style) wearing all grey, I would be likened to a rather large and lumpy rodent.