Thursday, March 26, 2009

Travels with my ants

I awoke at 6am this morning in my Singapore hotel room with a strange crawling sensation on my skin. After lying immobile and sleep-dazed for a few minutes, I switched on the light to discover that my pillow, and a swathe of the bed, was part of the highway infrastructure for a colony of tiny ants which was making its way purposefully and undaunted directly across the room, and accordingly across my body, which happened to be en route. I must have been doing battle with them in the night, because crushed bodies lay far and wide.

I called reception and asked if I could change the room; presumably they'll give it a brisk sweep, change the sheets, scoosh some insect killer around the place, and put some other unsuspecting guest in the room to become an ant landscape in the night.


mancsoulsister said...

My skin is crawling after reading that. YUK!

Claire said...

Mind you, whatever bug killer they use to kill the ants is probably highly toxic...or is Singapore quite good on stuff like that? And at least it wasn't cockroaches. Still, rather you than me. I just have to share my bed from time to time with two large and not-very-hairy young monkeys.