Thursday, March 12, 2009

On the rocks

Chloé's latest ad campaign, as seen on a huge billboard in Happy Valley which I passed on the bus this morning, shows two waiflike models walking across some rocks in vertiginous heels (heels not included in picture below, but those are some rocks). I'm not necessarily known for my appropriate footwear, and I love wearing heels, for my own, (probably) highly suspect, reasons; but this surely illustrates the utter departure from practicality of current women's footwear. Go into any shoe shop and you'll notice that heels have got dramatically higher (a vacuous video by a "high heels expert" on the Guardian website purports to show you how to walk in heels, but I can save you the burden of watching it: it does nothing of the sort), viz. the six-inch heels by Louboutin that various celebrity no-marks have been sporting. Sometimes it seems as though this is all part of a vast conspiracy; and really it's akin to the binding which Chinese women used to undergo to make their feet look smaller.

I once went on a hike in the fjords of Norway, south of Stavanger (a pretty, and pretty dull, town where I walked disconsolately round the supermarket poking at the whale meat, and where I learned that rural Norwegians shoot feral cats for sport). For once I was sensibly shod, but I remember watching a woman clambering across Pulpit Rock (which was by no means small and was covered in ice) in heels. She was clearly blazing a trail for just this sort of nonsense.


Mummy said...

I love high heels, the higher the better. I used to make excuses that it was because I am the shortest in my family (Mum 5'10", sister 5'11") but in reality it is because they look pretty and make me feel sexy.

I have 1 pair (which you have seen - my Kors hooker shoes) that I can't actually walk a straight line in (although they do corner very well) and I love the little beasties.

LottieP said...

I love wearing heels too, don't get me wrong. Towering over people in the lift is one benefit. And they make your legs look good. I like to stride along the street purposefully wearing a really great pair of shoes.

But every so often, getting ready for work, I'll survey my shoes and decide that I can't countenance wearing instruments of torture that day.

Mancsoulsister said...

I rarely wear heels, I prefer comfort. Plus I look like John Wayne when I try to walk in them.

I am tall naturally - 6 inch heels would put me well well well over 6 foot (which considering my general build would be quite an intimidating sight!)

That said I have a pair of 9 inch silver platform boots which I bought for a 70s revival show I did... They are truly awesome :-)