Saturday, June 21, 2008

Draw a veil

In space-strapped Hong Kong, in Repulse Bay, on prime land overlooking the water, there's a huge car showroom taking up about as much room as a spacious residence with garden, or, let's say, a library, a school, or a public swimming pool. It only houses one car: the Maybach. It's a boring, big-bonneted, dim-looking car with strangely whimsical curtains in the back (for the esteemed passenger's privacy, I think) which remind me of those funny little elasticated curtains you get in caravans; and it costs about US$500,000. Not as ugly as the Chrysler Crematorium: but clearly not an attractive car in any way. (It's a must-have buy, of course, for your average Hong Kong tycoon; I think Stanley Ho has one.)

Not such a clever buy after all, though, Stanley: this is a car that, in the first three years of its life (and as soon as you've taken off the shrink wrap) depreciates by US$1,200 a week.


magicman said...

That car showroom should very very definately be a restaurant instead. The location is superb for alfresco dining and it would be a fantastic addition to the beach.

Car showroom? What a waste.

LottieP said...

I marvel at it every time I go by on the bus...

I think the fact that it's so wasteful (and I must make a small correction: that was GBP1,200 a week, so US$2,400 a week) is probably another reason for its appeal. Look how much money I can afford to burn!

I'm taking bets about the mpg - single figures, do you reckon?