Friday, June 13, 2008


No more to be said. Wrong, wrong, wrong.


Slothrop said...

Do you find me wisible?

Grande Poobah said...

apparently she hasn't had a boob job though

ha ha ha ha ha

Mancsoulsister said...

no it is just 'good underwear'.

She also apparently has a very hearty appetite and likes nothing more than burgers and pizza!!!

It was in 'hello' so it must be true!

Mummy said...

Nice shoes though. Shame about the rest.

LottieP said...

Although your attention does go straight to VB and those peculiar appendages, I feel DB is worthy of chastisement also. Not, of course, because of his little, squeaky voice, but because something very odd seems to have happened to his hair, in that he has apparently dyed the remnants of it blond.

If she is working Cruella de Ville (I can only speculate), he is unsuccessfully working the Great Gatsby in that ridiculous trench.

Now, compare and contrast with the photograph above them from some 50 years earlier. Effortless charm, style and grace.

I would normallly spend no time whatsoever on these micro-brains, bless them, but it does irk me that they have set themselves up as some sort of fashion-leading power couple when the opposite, as this photo clearly shows, is the case.

Mummy said...

I am becoming increasingly convinced that they own the long lost alter-ego of the mirror in Snow White because they can't seriously look in the mirror and think this looks good?

As my delightfully snobbish mother would say, you can take the boy out of Essex...

Mancsoulsister said...

I still can't believe that she is known as 'Posh'!

Wellington came to an absolute standstill when Becks came to town with the LA Galaxy to play the Wellington phoenix earlier on this year. The kids all got the day off school to go and watch Becks train. Women queued up for hours outside his hotel to catch a brief glimpse. He was completely mobbed when he left the hotel and caused massive traffic jams as people literally parked in the road to see Becks. Tickets for the match were sold out the day they went on sale.

Personally I was a lot more interested in the LA Galaxy coach, the very delectable and ultimately far more successful Ruud Gullit.