Monday, July 14, 2008

Despot housewives

I nearly bought a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes in the sale at Lane Crawford. One thing stopped me though (apart from the fact that they were still ridiculously over-priced): I have vowed, on principle, never to buy anything by Salvatore Ferragamo (whose assistants at the Mandarin Oriental, by the way, exemplify that terrible Hong Kong trait of following you so closely round the shop that if you look round suddenly, both of you get a fright).

Robert Mugabe's wife, spending millions in designer shops in Paris, told a journalist disdainfully that she had to wear Ferragamo shoes and, indeed, could wear nothing else because her feet are too narrow for normal shoes. This, while her despotic husband presides over the world's fastest shrinking economy, ruthlessly murders his opponents (and their wives), and turns his country upside down.

Grace, and that's her name, is the reason why I couldn't buy anything with that logo on it.


Mummy said...

A good reason, but also because the SF shoes are usually shit. Like something my grandmother would wear, on a bad day.

Go for Prada or Choo.

LottieP said...

Well, no doubt some other dictator's wife favours one or the other... I think it goes with the territory of luxury brands, unfortunately. The lure and the loathing.

LottieP said...

In other despot housewives news, the wives of the King of Swaziland charter a plane to go shopping while their country starves: here