Friday, July 04, 2008

I can see clearly now

The view from my office window of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, July 3, 2008. On my way in to work on the 260 bus, I saw islands in the distance I didn't know were there. The reason for this unusual clarity and excellent visibility? Depending who you ask, the factories in Guangzhou have been closed by flooding, so they aren't spewing out toxicity; and/or storms have cleared away the smog. Paddling on the water in the last few weeks, though, has been like navigating through a vast mobile junkheap of flip-flops, wrappers, branches, shoes, plastic bags, dead dogs (really) and empty bottles. So you can have either clear skies or clean water; never both.


Mancsoulsister said...

A very beautiful photo!

You should move to NZ, Lottie, you always have clean air and clean sea!! :-)

LottieP said...

It's Hong Kong pollution business as usual today, with an ominous grey pall hanging low over the harbour. I imagine its slightly metallic look comes from the toxic particulates. Yuk.

I've never been to NZ. The air probably smells as sweet as the air in East Lothian does whenever I go home.