Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Whole country goes down pan

I always spend a bit of time when back in the UK browsing the supermarket/newsagent shelves for front page tabloid headlines, an effort which usually repays itself tenfold; if for no other reason than to get a wafer-thin impression of what people are thinking and talking about and how poorly and crassly it can possibly be expressed.

The winner this week? The beleaguered Labour government has introduced some tentative, watered down legislation to encourage employers to take on, er, more women and ethnic minorities in view of the fact that they, again er, tend not to. All subtleties of analysis, not to mention statistics, are cavalierly cast aside, though, by the Daily Express with this:



Sisyphus said...

As an oppressed caucasian male minority member, I am outraged at this discrimination against a section of the public that clearly needs help!

Upset of Dorking!

Grande Poobah said...

you've gotta love the daily express - is it that pornographer Richard Desmond who bankrolls this rag at present? it may even be more despicable than the Hate Mail.

Sisyphus - one never ending struggle to conceal your identity huh??

Mummy said...

those poor white men, they have struggled against oppression, sexism and that well known glass ceiling for so long.