Sunday, February 08, 2009

Flight from reality

It's all too easy to affect a strong dislike for various designers and nano-celebrities, usually on the basis that a) there may be comic value to be gleaned; and b) they are undeserving aristocratic nonentities (qv "London's Coolest Teenagers" in VOGUE). Matthew Williamson (who's now "creative director" of Pucci, so he got what he deserved with their noxious prints), for instance, always struck me as someone who had, by judicious use of celebrity pals, parlayed his minimal talent into a successful career as a fashion designer in this endless merry-go-round of mutual appreciation and endorsement which the vacuous just gobble up.

Now I have confirmation that I was right to conceive a towering dislike of the man: in an inflight magazine I picked up recently, he was asked what he would be doing in 10 years' time and answered "I'll be flying in my private jet to all my favourite places and hoping they are still unspoiled".

Clearly this is sheer arrogance and stupidity of the worst kind.


Claire said...

What a prat. Boycott him, I say. Not that most of us could have afforded his overpriced tat anyway. Violet and friends, if you're reading this, I hope you haven't bought anything from the prize dolt...oh, he's one of your best mates you say? Sorry. I pity you.

Mummy said...


That is all that needs to be said

Although it reminds be of the article I saw in a magazine the other day which had Roberto Cavalli on his stupidly huge yacht, which he descrobed as small at 135 feet. I can see why Vicky Beckham likes him. All money and no taste.

LottieP said...

Cavalli's king of the tiger print, which says it all really. San Tropez tat for trustafarians.