Thursday, February 19, 2009

Factory fates

The Chinese government's concerns about social unrest must be reaching fever pitch following the news that 20 million jobs have been lost in Guangdong province alone, where a third of the mainland's exports are produced. A senior Guangdong police official warned that the public security outlook was "grim" as jobless workers could turn to crime. Projections are that the number of rural jobless - people formerly working in the factories in Guangdong, just across the border from Hong Kong, and now returning home - could double. The numbers are mind-boggling.


mancsoulsister said...

20 million jobs, that is a crazy number of jobs to go in one go!!!

That would be about 5 times more unemployed than the whole population of New Zealand. That is a MIND BOGGLING number!

Grande Poobah said...

i always think this about China - you can add or lose a nought easily but you might still be talking about the right number.

mind boggling place.